Products and Services

Tech Cast is a leading supplier of precision engineered investment castings, and we have the capability of producing parts from a few ounces to castings in excess of 500 lbs. Our engineering team lead the industry in developing the process to use Additive Manufacturing to eliminate the need for tooling, allowing us to ship products in as little as 4 weeks utilizing our new Rapid Prototype work cell. Tech Cast has the flexibility to handles volumes from the tens of thousands of pieces to single parts and remain competitive when taking total cost into consideration.


Rapid Prototyping

Tech Cast provides a low cost, rapid response technology to meet stringent lead time expectations through the use of additive manufacturing to create printed patterns. Lifecycle cost is reduced through the reduction of tooling and pattern storage and maintenance, and we provide reverse engineering for aged parts lacking proper documentation such as drawings and 3D models. These services will support both the repair industry and traditional R&D applications.

Large Investment Casting
Over 150 lbs

Tech Cast provides castings up to 500 lbs., and has the ability to manufacture with reasonable lead times in relatively high volumes. The near net shape reduces the need for machining and helps eliminate added processes that lengthens the lead time. Tech Cast possesses the engineering skills to support customer development “engineer to engineer” - increasing yield and reducing risk of poor quality.

Oil & Gas

Tech Cast is a partner in the design and production of castings to improve yield and long term cost savings for parts that have severe service requirements. Tech Cast provides repeatable, high quality parts reducing customer risk for expensive down hole, off shore drilling and fracking.


Tech Cast supplies Investment cast components used in fluid/gas flow control, metering, and other commercial industries. These castings are used in a wide range of applications such as water delivery systems, gas pipelines, food processing industry, sewage systems, chemical, railcar, and oil refining.


Investment castings under 150 pounds for mission critical defense programs such shipboard/submarine applications, pump and valve components, light armored combat vehicle components, and artillery platforms.


Tech Cast possesses the intellectual property to be the industry leader in the design and production of impellers across a wide span of pump applications to create high quality parts. Tech Casts engineering department works hand in hand with customers to improve design for higher yield, interior surface finishes and the operational efficiencies that come with investment castings.

Value Added Services

Heat Treatment

Turnkey CNC Machining (Castings up to 500 lbs)

Hydrostatic testing

Surface Coatings

Pickling / Passivation / Electro-polishing


Non-Destructive Testing


Charpy Impact Testing

Chemical / Physical Testing


Parts with complex geometries and intricate details can be created with this process.


For R&D, part repairs, reverse engineers, low production quantities. Tech Cast can meet all of your SLA Rapid Prototype requirements.

Case Studies

Learn about how Tech Cast’s full range of capabilities can deliver the product that best meets your needs.